The genetic preservation of cannabis seeds


The reason we exist as a business is to promote the genetic preservation of cannabis seeds so that future generations can benefit from as diverse a genetic mix of cannabis strains as possible. Although possession or cultivation of cannabis is illegal in the Republic of Ireland as well as the UK we are lucky in that the possession and sale of cannabis seeds is legal as the seed of the marijuana plant in of itself does not contain the illegal compound THC.

Why preserve cannabis seeds?

Prohibition of this wonderful plant has only existed for 90 years or so and we can all hope that at some point in the future the politicians will see sense and allow people to make up there own minds as to whether they wish to cultivate or consume this magical plant. Change in laws regarding cannabis are occurring on an an almost daily basis across the world so we can hope that one day it will happen in our little corner of the world as well.

In the meantime the best thing for us to do is preserve as wide a range of cannabis genetics as possible until the day comes that we are able to use the seeds for what nature intended on them. For now, it would be completely illegal to germinate any seeds sold on this site in the republic or Ireland or in the UK so please do not do this as you would be breaking the law.

Storage of cannabis seeds

All of our seeds some in sealed packages and we advise that for the best storage you should keep your cannabis seeds in their original breeder packaging and place them in  a fridge. If stored correctly there is no reason that cannabis seeds can remain viable for many years

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