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If you are looking to buy the joint doctors lowrider seeds you have come to the right place as we have the full range of strains from the inventor of auto flowering cannabis genetics.
The joint doctor is a cannabis breeder, hemp activist, farmer and the first person to successfully combine ruderalis cannabis genetics with a photoperiod strain in order to create a reliable autoflowerign cannabis plant. Auto flowering means the plant will begin to flower after around 3 rather than when it receives only 12 hours of sunlight a day as is the case with traditional cannabis strains. The joint doctor managed to stabilise this trait in his first strain, original Lowryder, and the cannabis world has never been the same. Auto flowering strains allowed people with limited time and space or a very short outdoor season to be able to grow cannabis very easily. The first strain was not incredible potent but the Joint Doctor refined and crossed his original lowrider strain and created a whole stable of auto flowering strains which are still very popular today. The joint doctor has a great range of feminized auto strains including easyryder and dieselryder which are very potent but go from seed to bud in less than 10 weeks.
Check out all of the Joint Doctors auto flowering strains now!

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