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Paradise weed seeds Dutch dragon

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Paradise female seeds Dutch dragon

Paradise weed seeds Dutch dragon from Paradise weed seeds are top quality cannabis seeds which are collected by the experienced and novice genetic preservationist alike.

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Paradise weed seeds Dutch dragon

Strain: Dutch Dragon
Breeder: Paradise Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly sativa
Flowering: ~64 days
Normal or female seeds.
Paradise Seeds - Dutch Dragon

Bred by Paradise Seeds in 1994, and improved in 2002, Dutch Dragon is a huge Sativa variety that produces superb yields from long sticky colas. The aroma is very citrusy and sweet, like tangerines, as is the taste. The buzz is a lasting, clear high that increases an appetite for music and pleasure.

Dutch Dragon, with her South African heritage, performs best in warm climates. She grows into a tall plant with smallish fan shaped leaves and thick fox-tail buds. A sea of green flowering cycle can be started early because Dutch Dragon is a fast vigorous plant with typical sativa growth pattern. Though fast out the gate, Dutch will take nine to ten weeks to develop big, fully matured flowers. When grown outside mid October is the favorable for harvesting this dragon who can get as tall as 9 feet (3 meters) tall. She will stretch up to almost three feet (80-90 cm) if grown using the sea of green technique.

Genetics: South African
Variety: Mostly sativa (75%)
Harvest Date: October
Flowering Period: 9-10 weeks
THC Content: 16-20%
No. of Seeds Per Packet: 10
Characteristics: Tall strain